Game Time Photo

Game Time Photo provides dynamic action photography for all athletes during tournaments at Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center. Print and digital photos are available to view, edit, print, and purchase in the Locker Room in the center of the park. Be sure to check in after every game, new photos are being added all the time! Currently photos are only available for pre-purchase or on-site during a tournament. Contact us today to place your order before your tournament at!

  • 5x7 Prints
  • 8x10 Prints
  • 22x28 Poster
  • Wallets
  • Photo Keychains
  • Full Team CD
  • And more!

To get great photography of your entire team, ask about the Team CD. With it, you will get high quality, digital photos of every shot taken of your team for the entire event. In addition, if you pre-order before the day of your tournament, your team members will receive 20% off all additional photo print purchases for the length of your event. For more details about this major discount, contact!