Feb 1, 2021

Perkins Youth Baseball is Back!


Author: Andy Ouriel
Date: Feb. 1, 2021

PERKINS TWP. — Like their major league counterparts, area children who play baseball should get ready for a season in 2021.

After a one-year hiatus, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Perkins Township officials decided to resume the Firelands Regional Medical Center Youth Baseball League.

Officials don’t know exactly how many children might play this year. In 2019, almost 400 local kids, ages 4 to 14, gathered at Sports Force Parks.

Parents or guardians can sign up their children through March 1. To do so, people can call 419-202-1774, email blink@perkinstownship.com or visit perkinstownship.com.

Brad Link, the township’s new community service coordinator, provided some answers:

Q: Why, amid a pandemic, is the league resuming play?

BL: Kids need to be out and enjoy activities, and we are happy to provide youth baseball in a safe manner.

Q: What assurances can you and Sports Force Parks give that children playing at the facility will be safe?

BL: We will work with Sports Force to create a safe and enjoyable experience:

• Sports Force will have staff on-site during games, making sure people and participants are practicing social distancing.

• We will be following the Ohio Department of Health director's orders for baseball, softball and batting cages for all of our sporting events.

• Each family will be required to read and accept the Ohio Department of Health document during registration.

By following these protocols, practicing social distancing and wearing masks, we look forward to offering youth baseball this spring.

Q: How much does it cost to participate? Where will that money go?

BL: Money from registration goes to Sports Force and Perkins Township. This includes rental of ballfields and hiring of umpires at Sports Force Parks and equipment and uniform purchases by Perkins Township.

• 4U: $55

• 6U: $75

• 8U: $90

• 10U to 14U: $110

Q: What is the overall benefit of this program?

Perkins Township is proud to offer youth baseball in 2021. With the help of our sponsor, Firelands Regional Medical Center, we can make this league happen.

The benefits of kids being outside and enjoying activities are as important as ever. As long as we provide a safe and clean environment for them, the benefits are not only physical but mental. Kids will learn how to interact with teammates in a safe manner and will learn the game of baseball, all while having fun.

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