Terms & Conditions

Prior to the start of every tournament, teams must provide:

  • Team Roster
  • Parental Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Payment in Full

Weekend Tournament Payment Policy:

  • Non-refundable $350 deposit, due at registration unless stated otherwise. Teams also have the option of paying the full balance at time of registration.
  • Final payment is due 1 month before start of tournament.
  • If a team registers within 1 month of the tournament, full payment is required at time of registration

NOTE: Remaining balances will be billed automatically to the original payment information 1 month prior to your event. For example, If you're tournament begins on March 1st, the remaining balance will be billed on February 1st. Please log in to the dashboard account used to register your team prior to the payment due date if you need to update your billing information.

Weeklong Tournament Payment Policy:

  • Non-refundable $500 deposit, due at registration.
  • October 1: Second Payment Due.
  • February 1: Third Payment Due.
  • May 1: Balance Due.
  • If a team cancels before May 1, a credit will be given minus the full deposit.
  • If a team cancels after May 1, the full amount paid is non-refundable.

Inclement Weather Policy:

  • Sports Force Parks will try to maintain the originally planned schedule as much as possible, however, in the event of inclement weather:
    • The first priority is always to reach minimum number of games for each team.
    • We will always attempt to have a championship game.
  • In order to achieve these goals, Sports Force Parks reserves the right to change the tournament schedule as needed, including shortening games.
  • If a game is suspended due to darkness or weather, it is considered complete if:
    • Baseball/Softball – 4 innings completed for a 6-inning game OR 5 innings completed for a 7-inning game.
    • Soccer/Lacrosse – If 1 full half has been completed.
  • If an elimination game is suspended:
    • If one inning has NOT been completed, the higher seed will advance
    • If the game is tied at the end of the last inning, the higher seed will advance
    • If the Championship Game starts, is suspended and cannot resume, the game would be considered official at the end of the last inning.
      • If tied, the teams would be considered co-champions.
  • Weather will be continuously monitored by Sports Force Parks staff and play will be suspended at the appropriate time. Once suspended, play will resume after the storm activity has stopped for 30 minutes.

Inclement Weather Refund Policy:

3 Game Format 4 Game Format 6+ Game Format
Play 0 Games: Full Refund Play 0 Games: Full Refund Play 0 Games: Full Refund
Play 1 Game: 50% Credit Play 1 Game: 70% Credit Play 1 Game: 75% Credit
Play 2 Games: 25% Credit Play 2 Games: 40% Credit Play 2 Games: 60% Credit
Play 3 Games: 20% Credit Play 3 Games: 45% Credit
Play 4 Games: 25% Credit
Play 5 Games: 10% Credit